Programs Offered

At Kansas City School of Music, we offer programs for every age and skill level.

Young Children - Ages 3-5

Music education has significant positive influences on brain development in young children. In addition to improving intelligence, music will help your child develop physically, emotionally, and socially. For our youngest students, Kansas City School of Music offers the following educational programs:

Musikgarten - Experience the joy of music with your child through our interactive Musikgarten classes. These small classes are designed to expose each child to music through age-appropriate activities such as dancing, singing, listening to music, as well as playing rudimentary instruments.

Suzuki Piano and Violin - For students ages 3 and up, we offer Suzuki elements combined with traditional methods based on the individual needs of the student. Students will learn to play the chosen instruments aurally with gradual steps toward reading musical notation. This method also requires a great deal of parental involvement, including supervised practice sessions and attendance at each lesson.

Elementary Age Students - Ages 6-10

At Kansas City School of Music, elementary age students make up over half of our student population. Our instructors enjoy teaching the foundations of music which is most important for students in this age group. We believe piano instruction is most beneficial at this age; however if your child shows an interest in another instrument, we would be happy to discuss other possible options.

Middle and High School Students - Ages 11-18

As students enter middle school and high school, their musical options multiply. Many of our students want lessons to better themselves in their school choir, band, or orchestra. Others may need help with an audition or are looking to expand their performance opportunities. We also provide college preparatory instruction for those students who desire a career in music.

Adult Students - Ages 18 and up

If you are serious about continuing study on your current instrument, or you are beginning a new musical endeavor, our instructors look forward to working with you. It is never too late to become a musician.

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